Vlad Naumovski

Coach - Level 3B

Vlad has been involved in competitive sport from a very young age, starting off with Martial Arts and then transitioning into football (soccer). Vlad currently plays State League football here in WA. Health and Fitness has always been a massive passion in Vlad’s life.

Along with constantly striving to better his own performance, Vlad’s ambition to help people improve their performance is a big priority for him. He has a willingness to pass on knowledge and thoroughly enjoys providing information to his clients in order for them to continually be better and achieve their goals, both physically and mentally.

Vlad says: “I believe that good physical fitness will transition into good mental health, and with good mental health we can approach and resolve any obstacles in life with a positive mindset.”

Vlad is inspired by: Kobe Bryant, His mentality and work ethic.




Phone: 0420226355
Email: vlad@shredded.com.au
Instagram: @coach.vladnaumo

Favourite quote: “Kai-zen - a Japanese term meaning constant, never-ending improvement. Approach each day with a mindset to continually improve at everything we do.”
Specialises in: Body composition & Athletic Performance

  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness
  • Senior First Aid / CPR