Taking A Personalised Approach To Nutrition

It Is Important To Realise What Works For One Person Will Not Necessarily Work For Another.

Nutritional advice is based on a number of factors including goals, lifestyle, hormones, sensitivities and stressors.

Our coaches are constantly up-skilling themselves and also sharing their experiences amongst the team at our weekly education seminars. Having our coaches kept up to date means that we will find the best approach to nutrition and training for YOU.

More About Our Consultations

Qualified Team

Shredded Senior Coaches are highly qualified and experienced in the field of nutrition with qualifications ranging from:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Functional Medicine
  • Applied Kinesiology

Please note that you must be living in the PERTH area to receive an initial consultation with one of coaches. If you only require nutritional advice please let us know when you book.

Do you want better, faster results?

Nutrition is an integral part of your plan for optimal results. At Shredded we incorporate an individualised approach to find out what will suit you the best to help you get the best results.