About Us

HealthHub is an interdisciplinary health care practice in the Perth suburb of Innaloo, operating within one of the worlds top performance centres (Shredded Health & Performance).

Located within Shredded, HealthHub provides high quality neuromusculoskeletal care. This includes chiropractic, remedial massage and exercise rehabilitation. We service the areas of Innaloo, Osborne Park and Perth.


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Our Mission

Individualisation – as each case is different from another, the client journey begins with a thorough health and medical history, followed by a comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal examination.

Case management – based on the objective findings of the initial evaluation, we will decide on the best course of action to help a client reach their good outcome. At this stage a short care trial may be recommended or a referral to a more suitable health professional will be made if necessary.

Treatment – to achieve our clinical objectives and client goals, a multitude of modalities may need to be utilised by your practitioner in order to reach these outcomes.

  • manual medicine (advanced soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation and chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, etc.
  • movement modification/load management, exercise rehab and programming of correctives
  • lifestyle management strategies to optimise healing and recovery (sleep, stress, nutrition, supplementation, etc)

Integration – prior to returning to full activities it is important to fully integrate the changes that have been made through therapy. At this stage, we will re-evaluate a clients movement capacity, looking not only at their mobility and stability but also their quality of movement.

Based on evaluation, clients will be provided with a corrective exercise program that will specifically address their needs with the ultimate goal of transitioning them into a regular training regimen that’ll support their overall goals.

Optimisation – The final step is the fun part, this is where we discuss maintenance and preventive strategies to long term sustainability of results.

This step is vital in supporting a client in their further health journey and will not only empower but provide a client with the necessary tools to be back in control of their body.

As the saying goes “prevention is better than the cure”, therefore a proactive approach is the key to achieving long term health and vitality.

In addition, HealthHub does have an excellent network of a wide array of health professionals, including medical specialists, dentists, podiatrist, etc. for cases where a second opinion or further investigations are required.

“A huge wealth of knowledge with the wisdom to know exactly how to apply it. It is amazing having HealthHub within Shredded to compliment my training” – Alison

Healthhub at Shredded

Providing high quality neuromusculoskeletal care, including chiropractic, remedial massage, exercise rehabilitation we service the areas of Innaloo, Osborne Park and Perth.

Located inside Shredded health and Performance, we offer plenty of convenience onsite car parking.

Our areas of expertise include sports injuries, prevention, back pain, neck pain and headaches.

Call reception on (08) 9284 0144 or email for bookings.