Shredded Gym:
Your Ultimate Training Experience

Better Results, Faster and Made to Last a Lifetime. Believe & Achieve at Perth’s Best Equipped Gym

At Shredded, we have a variety of specialised equipment available.


Quite simply, it means that we can tailor a training program specifically to your goals and needs. You’re no longer limited to the basics.

Quality Equipment – Best Results – Healthiest You

We offer you one of the best equipped training facilities in Australia which will take your body to a new level of health and performance.

Shredded was named one of 7 best gyms in the world by esteemed international strength and conditioning coach, Charles Poliquin. Our clean, modern space is fitted out with a dynamic range of specialised equipment rarely available in other gyms.

Equipment Includes:

  • Atlantis, Eleiko, Watson, Elitefts and Rogue Equipment
  • 2 x Elitefts Power Racks & 2 x Atlantis Power Racks
  • Iron Edge Rack with Olympic Rings
  • Dedicated Class Area with Rig and Monkey Bars
  • 4 x Platforms
  • Five sets of Dumbbells including Watsons Rotating Thick Grip
  • Prowlers, Sleds, Battling Ropes and Two Tracks
  • Specialised Leg Machines
  • Specialised Back Machines
  • Unilateral Machines
  • Cables Machines
  • Chains and Bands
  • Rowers, SkiErgs Airdynes, Cybex Sparc, Marpo Rope Machine
  • Technogym Skillmills
  • Specialty Bars and Handles (MAG and Prime)
  • Countless specialised gym equipment

Your Ultimate Gym Experience

We aim to exceed your expectations and support you on your journey to achieve a healthier body, mind and lifestyle.

“I have never seen a gym this impressive in Australia before. From the coaches, to the equipment, to the vibe, Shredded has it all.”  Rory L


What Makes Shredded The Best Place to Train?

From the incredible range of equipment, to dedicated training zones throughout the gym and an inclusive, thriving culture, Shredded is your ultimate training experience.

Proactive Service + Unsurpassed Knowledge

At Shredded, we want to create a training experience like no other. We work hard to provide members with genuine care, unwavering support and insightful knowledge for people who really want long lasting, life changing results.

Owner and Director Kelly Martinovich prides herself on the education and upskilling provided to staff and members alike, ensuring everyone is getting the results and service they desire in an environment they love.

We've Gone the Extra Mile

to ensure your Shredded experience is nothing short of exceptional...

  • Easy parking located next to our facility
  • Luxurious change rooms with showers so you stop by for a session before or after work
  • Personalised Training Programs for ultimate results
  • Lockers and 24-hour video surveillance to keep your belongings safe and secure
  • Fully stocked supplement store, smoothie bar and meals available for purchase

Want to train with the best coaches at Perth’s best equipped gym? Speak to one of our friendly team members today to find out how you can enjoy the benefits of our gym.

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