Super Liquid Folate


Benefits of Super Folate Liquid

• Supports an optimally functioning homocysteine cycle for cardiovascular health
• Required for DNA and RNA synthesis
• Supports cell repair and differentiation
• Critical for healthy fetal development
• May support a positive mental outlook
• Needed for healthy turnover of rapidly dividing cells, such those lining the GI tract

Folate (technically called vitamin B9) is an essential nutrient critical for healthy cell division and growth.* This crucial role explains why folate is so important for a developing baby and why pregnancy doubles the need for this vitamin. Folate also plays a role in helping to maintain proper homocysteine levels, which has an impact on cardiovascular health.* The homocysteine cycle also provides compounds needed for a host of biochemical reactions in the body, including the synthesis of DNA, conversion of various amino acids, and synthesis of neurotransmitters (the body’s chemical messengers) that support a healthy mood and positive mental outlook, such as serotonin and dopamine.*

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Super Liquid Folate contains 400 mcg of folate (as calcium folinate), along with 40 mcg of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin and hydroxycobalamin) per 1-drop serving. Research suggests that folate is an important nutrient for maintaining healthy homocysteine levels.* Vitamin B12 is present in cases of unknown B12 deficiency since folate supplementation can mask B12 deficiency and exacerbate symptoms. The liquid form is easy to use, allowing for easy titration and rapid absorption.


Recommended Use: Take 1 drop per day or as directed by your health-care practitioner.

Warning: Pregnant and nursing women should take as prescribed by their physician.

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