An Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting


Olympic Weightlifting has gained a resurgence in popularity over recent years. What was predominantly used by athletes alone is now being recognized as a great challenge for the athletic gym going who is looking to take their training to another level. Olympic Lifting is however considered amongst the most skilled things you can do in the gym. In this article Liam discusses the basics of what you need to know if this is something you would like to add to your training.

The Lifts:

Olympic Weightlifting is comprised of two main lifts; The Snatch, and The Clean and Jerk.

The Snatch:

The Snatch involves taking a wide grip on the bar, and lifting it from the floor, directly overhead in one smooth motion.

The Clean and Jerk:

The Clean and Jerk is broken into two parts. The bar is pulled first onto the front of the shoulders, before being driven overhead.

Three key factors, which are required and developed in weightlifting are:


Weightlifting requires a high amount of strength to pull, and squat the bar. What makes it different is that this force must be applied very quickly in order to execute a successful lift. If the lifter moves too slowly, the bar will not be propelled high enough to catch.


The explosive movements involved in weightlifting lend themselves greatly to development of speed. They are a perfect accessory for increasing sprinting speed, vertical jumps, anything which requires force to be generated rapidly. Once the bar is in space, the lifter must move quickly under it to execute the catch.



The different positions involved in weightlifting require a high level of flexibility, particularly the bottom positions of the clean, and the snatch where the bar is overhead, shown below.

Olympic Lifting is a very skilled movement and as such we highly recommend a good coach who walks the talk to help you develop these skills.

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