Ways to stay in shape when heading out with friends

  1. Eat a decent sized salad or have a protein shake before you head out. If the meal takes forever to arrive, you won’t be starving and have to eat the bread baskets beforehand. Also being starving changes my mood. My good friends know that I actually am never in a bad mood, I am just hangry. Hand me a protein bar and you’ll save yourself some grief. Eating something healthy and small just before I leave means if I am left waiting for my meal for too long I can still be a nice person and not a hangry monster.
  2. Train! Having muscle means you burn more calories throughout the day.
  3. Swap the mash potato that comes with the slow cooked lamb shanks for the seasonal greens. Even Brussel sprouts taste good when cooked by a decent chef. (For the record only go to good restaurants with decent chefs, life’s too short to eat bad food or drink bad wine). I always have dessert when I go out for dinner, so I make sure that I have a good protein source with my main meal that doesn’t include too many starchy carbs ( I’ll always order the fish/steak/lamb shanks/anything slow cooked with extra greens rather than pasta or risotto so I can save my carbs for dessert).
  4. Order a glass of sparkling mineral water with lime between every alcoholic drink. There are a lot of empty calories in a cocktail but it’s also more comfortable being out with a glass in your hand. Also if you’re holding a full glass of sparkly something people will be less inclined to top it up with wine
  5. Distinguish between your mouth and a vacuum. These are the words from my mentor Charles Poliquin. You should enjoy good food but also know how to savour it and know when to stop. Eat until you are satisfied but not busting, Besides you can’t enjoy good conversation with friends if you’re mouth is always full!
  6. Always train or do something active the the day before and after a big night out. You have to earn your carbs.