Remy Hughes

Coach - Level 2B

I am a qualified sport nutritionist and personal trainer. I focus on guiding and supporting my clients through nutrition, fitness and mindset to help them to improve various factors of the body and mind. These include strength, hypertrophy, fat loss, mental health and self-confidence, or to improve general longevity of their life through improving overall health. If someone asked if you wanted to live longer, I’m sure you would say yes wouldn’t you? Driven by getting results for my client, I focus not only on the physical but also the mental improvement of my clients which has always been a passion of mine since starting my career in nutrition and fitness. I believe they both go hand-in-hand and work in positive correlation which in turn helps achieve those goals you set yourself at the start of your journey. I tailor, individualise and educate my clients on their nutrition plans to suit their lifestyle, body composition, activity level, preference and goal, as I understand that every client is different.

I am a graduate of MSc in Sport Nutrition and BSc honours Sport & Exercise Science which I completed in Liverpool, UK. Whilst studying I worked alongside numerous elite sports teams including Liverpool Ladies Football Team, Everton Football Club and Newcastle Falcons Rugby Union Team. I was fortunate enough to assist support various different roles including nutrition, pre-season and in- season fitness and performance analysis.

When I’m not keeping busy with my clients check-ins and sessions, I like to also work on my personal growth. I attend a weekly meditation class and ensure I complete a daily practise of meditation and journalling as it helps me to stay grounded, focus on my own personal goals and wake up ready to tackle the day ahead with determination!

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Instagram: @Remypt

Favourite quote: Feel the fear & do it anyway! - Susan Jeffers

  • ✓  BSC in Sport & Exercise Science
  • ✓  MSc in Sport Nutrition
  • ✓  Level 3 in Personal Training
  • ✓  Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • ✓  ISAK Level 1 Anthropometry
  • ✓  Senior first aid & CPR