Kinetic Chain and Advanced Program Design


We have been very lucky and proud to have just finished hosting Charles Poliquin aka Strength Sensei for his very Kinetic Chain and Advanced Programming courses. It still amazes me after all the courses we have done with Charles how much more information he has to teach. This past two weeks has given us even more information and tools in our tool boxes to completely dial in on what each individual really needs in order to get them the best results possible.

From structural balance issues and sorting out people’s weaknesses to not just writing a great program but writing the RIGHT program, we are all super exciting to now put what we have learnt into practice.

A big thank you to Charles for not just his knowledge but also his support and friendship.

The coaches who were on the courses have put together their key take home points from each course. Click edit button to change this text.

Stacey Rogers

Kinetic Chain Enhancement

“Improving an individual’s range of motion in a particular movement is an essential step that should occur before increasing the load in that movement. Having knowledge of the different systems in the body that make up the kinetic chain allows for me to more accurately identify and address these structures to improve range and subsequently the load that is lifted.”

Advanced Program Design

“An individual’s neurotransmitter dominance and deficiency influences the type of training program they will respond best to. The timing of specific nutrients is also impacted by ones predominant neurotransmitter type. As a coach, knowledge of my client’s dominance and deficiency will allow me to individualise my training programs and nutrition even more to ensure every client achieves RESULTS!”

Liam Bourke

Kinetic Chain Enhancement

“I also learnt a number of techniques which will allow me to instantly increase strength and flexibility, saving time on stretching and allowing us to get on with training“

Advanced Program Design

“I learnt how different people’s neurotransmitter types affect the way that the respond to a training stimulus – and the importance of periodising training for each type to ensure maximum results”

Vihang Iskande

Kinetic Chain Enhancement

“KCE Is the fastest way to increase your flexibility and strength.

Just one session of KCE session helps reduce the adhesions in muscles, fascia and ligaments thereby reducing the unnecessary forces acting on joints.

Key benefits of KCE

  • increase flexibility
  • increase Strength
  • reduced risk of injuries
  • rehabilitate from chronic joint and muscle
  • improve sports performance”
Advanced Program Design

“We all are born with different neuro chemical properties and according to Charles Poliquin understanding this neuro chemical individuality is key in developing a successful nutrition, supplement and training programs for clients.

This course allowed me to develop training program and nutrition programs that can suits my clients individualities and thereby getting them better and faster results.”

Nicholas Vlachoulis

Kinetic Chain Enhancement

“The key take home point from kinetic chain enhancement for me was applying the techniques to each clients individual needs. Through doing so I’ve been able to show clients through improvements in mobility which would’ve ordinarily taken weeks, in just 1 session.”

Advanced Program Design

“The key take home points from advanced programming for me was a means of identifying the neuro transmitter type of each of my clients and structure their training and nutrition accordingly. This is significant as it allows me to provide the next level in personalized programming, nutrition and ultimately results.”

Marc Fury

Kinetic Chain Enhancement

“Course was phenomenal and to pin point just two things that stood out for me is tough, however one thing would be that a persons ability to stand and the more flexibility they have to push their knees ahead of their toes is a way of predicting they will have less chance of lower extremity injuries.”

Advanced Program Design

“In advanced programming- along with learning the skill that programming specifically to an individual’s neurotransmitter dominance as this will ensure better results. This sets your client up for success- which is always the first step. Making my programming skills more bespoke as Charles said- ‘You never step in the same river twice’ and ‘Do today what others will copy tomorrow’. I can’t wait to put these skills to use!”

Kelly Martonovich

Kinetic Chain Enhancement

“The Kinetic Chain Enhancement Seminar taught a number of soft tissue techniques to help achieve better range of motion, increase in strength and included effective methods for recruitment of muscles that may not be firing or recruiting as well as they should be. Students in the class were amazed at how fast the methods Charles taught could improve function and mobility in just a few minutes. I have been using many of these techniques with my clients and achieving great results.”

Advanced Program Design

“The Advanced Programming Course was fantastic in helping us to understand and assess a client’s neurotransmitter dominance. Understanding this influences the choice of loading parameters for a client’s program, as well as the frequency and type of training they will benefit from the most.

The course put things into perspective as to why a program can work extremely well for one person, but not as well for another. It has encouraged me to learn more about Neurotransmitters.”

Marty Williams

Kinetic Chain Enhancement

“The Kinetic Chain Enhancement has given us a number of amazing tools to add to our tool box on how we can improve our clients mobility and facilitation of certain muscles. I have already used this to treat golfers elbow as well as improving clients lifts during training sessions. Definitely a great way to ensure clients get the best results possible”

Advanced Program Design

“For years as much as I loved writing programs I found it very frustrating at the same time. I could not get my head around how programs worked for some but not all. What the Advanced Program Design has taught me is how to dial into the individual. There is a big difference between writing a great program and writing the right program.”