Hot and Cold Therapy – The Key to Hormesis.


Regular sessions of controlled hot and cold exposure, such as infrared sauna or ice baths, offer numerous proven benefits for both the body and mind. This is primarily attributed to the phenomena of hormesis, also known as hormetic stress adaptation.

What is Hormesis Though?

Hormesis, a biological process in which our bodies adapt to stress. This adaptive response triggers biochemical pathways to repair, rebuild, and reset! The result? Enhanced resilience, fortified immunity, and overall physical and mental wellbeing. Intensive exercise, fasting, and specific nutrients also rely on hormetic adaptation for their positive effects.

Hormetic stress is nothing new, it has been utilised by most civilisations throughout history to enhance health. However it was the understanding of why & how it is so beneficial for us!


Now we all know about “Chronic” stress which is caused by things like excess workload, unhappy relationships, lack of sleep, financial stress, well you get the picture. This type of stress can wreak havoc on your health! Hormetic stressors on the opposite end of the scale are controlled, acute stressors which trigger healthy adaptive responses. 

ice bath

Unlike chronic stress caused by various factors such as excessive workload and sleep deprivation, hormetic stressors are controlled, acute stressors that elicit healthy adaptive responses. Periodic heat exposure can stimulate the production of “heat shock” proteins, strengthening the immune system and promoting longevity.

Similarly, ice baths have been shown to increase levels of certain immune cells that fight viral infections, including cytotoxic T-cells, which plays an important role in killing virally infected cells and cancer cells!  These practices have even been associated with mitochondrial biogenesis.

Harnessing the power of hormesis by exposing yourself to controlled levels of hot and cold therapies like an infrared sauna or ice bath, is one of the most effective ways to improve your resilience to life’s physical and mental challenges. In today’s world, this is more important than ever.

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