Best Start to the Day

  1. Filtered water with lime (or lemon) and electrolytes (we only recommend and stock Synerplex Revive Electrolytes developed by Dr Mark Schauss . Pink salt is your next best bet).


    – Rehydration. You lose considerable amounts of fluids (and electrolytes) throughout the night. It is important to rehydrate straight away to prevent putting excess stress on the body.

    – Adrenal support. Your adrenals rely on balanced levels of electrolytes to support the corticosteroid hormone aldosterone, which is made in the adrenal cortex and responsible for fluid balance and blood pressure within the body.

    – Alkalisation. The lime or lemon helps with alkalisation within the body.

  2. Protein based meal with good fats and vegetables.


    – Liver support. Your liver is most active during the night, while you sleep and requires protein for phase two detoxification. It is important to replenish these levels when you wake.

    – Neurotransmitters. You want a meal to start the day that will support focus, drive and leave you switched on and ready to start the day.

    – Alkalisation. Protein is acidic but rather than avoid it, balance it! Vegetables are alkalising so problem solved. If you don’t want to eat them, blend them and enjoy a refreshing smoothie.

  3. Coffee


    – It tastes damn good!

    – Good coffee will provide you with antioxidants and give you a good lift for the day. Make sure it is real coffee (ditch the instant chemical shit storm) and organic.

    – Did we mention it tastes really good?

Give this a go for a week and see how much better you will feel.