BecEveryone has a different motivation and everyone has a different starting point.  Mine was a very low starting point.  When I met Kelly I had never lifted before and I was pretty uncomfortable walking into the free weights section of a gym.

Soon after training with Kelly I discovered a love of lifting and the sense of personal competition it gave me.  Each training session I needed to do a little better than the session before, I had to be stronger than the week before.  My goals were never about being super thin they were about being healthy and strong.  Kelly gave me the tools to achieve that.

I’m now 36 and in the 6 years I’ve been training with Kelly I’ve had two children and neither pregnancy was easy.  I found it difficult walking without pain for most of my second pregnancy and I put on a lot of weight.  I kept training with Kelly during this time and she made sure I exercised in a safe way that protected me and my baby.  This wasn’t just important for my physical health but most importantly my mental health.

Since having my beautiful babies, Kelly has been supportive and understanding of my changing needs and goals.  Whatever my current situation and goal is, Kelly will always support me without judgement.
Kelly has taught me to create good habits in respect to nutrition and exercise, she’s taught me set goals for myself and to compete with myself. Most importantly Kelly has taught me to lift properly and safely.  These are empowering lessons for anyone to learn.