Mimi Thet


I first heard about Shredded in January 2009 as my old gym shut down. I started participating in the group classes that Kelly offered and really liked her style of teaching.

At the time, I did four spin classes and one pump class during week days and play competitive tennis once or twice at weekends. 
I was a size 10, fit and healthy person. I had 26% body fat at that time.
I wasn’t 100% happy about my look and body fat percentage even though I stayed active and careful about what I ate and drank.

A few months later, I talked to Kelly briefly about my interest in personal training with her and we started after a couple of emails. I have been training one on one once a week and three other days on my own with the program that Kelly designed for me.

Kelly has demonstrated her professionalism from the very beginning. She has high level of knowledge in weights and cardio training, nutrients, and supplements. She is the most inspiring, strong minded and experienced personal trainer I have ever met.

I am now size 8, fitter, stronger, and most importantly (and the goal of my life) leaner at 11.5% body fat today!

I cannot do without Kelly’s guidance and program. All I have to do is to follow her instructions precisely about the program, diet, and supplements. (Oh and I don’t cheat!)
The results have been amazing!!

I cannot thank Kelly enough for what she has given for my life because my dad passed away at age of 58, suffered from very high blood pressure and mum at age of 63, suffered from type-2 diabetes. 
I have bad genes but I broke the cycle for my children I think, I am now the healthiest I have ever been and look and feel better than I ever imagined was possible.