KarenFast approaching my 50th birthday, I wanted to take stock of where I was at, in terms of my health, physical strength and fitness. After researching Biosignature and local practitioners, I was fortunate enough to make contact with Kelly Martinovich at Shredded Strength Institute and arranged my first consultation. Kelly was warm, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable and it didn’t take much to assure me that I had found an awesome coach and facility.

We embarked on a 12 week program that would increase my strength, reduce my body fat percentage and tweak my diet, to iron out the practices that were less than ideal!! Having never set foot on a gym floor or lifted before, it was a little daunting however I was made to feel so welcome, had expert attention every step of the way and soon became obsessed with doing it all a little better, every session. This desire to work harder, to get the technique perfect and to push myself has been a revelation and something I would not have imagined doing.

Kelly is a complete professionals in her approach to your health management and I have been provided with so much information and assistance. Whenever there has been an issue or setback. it is always monitored and managed with care and attention.  Kelly is such a “mother hen”, always looking after us with needling, stretching, castor oil wrapping and pushing us to complete various protocols that she knows would benefit. She is pivotal in the many successes that occur in this facility. The Shredded community of Directors, staff and members is a vibrant and supportive group and it is an environment where you can feel safe, while having a lot of fun. This ethos stems from Kelly, who expects high standards from her staff, delivered in a fun, caring and focused environment. Kelly is an amazing coach, mentor and friend who pushes me to become the best version of myself (and forgives my chocolate and red wine obsessions!). This desire to improve and be a fitter, healthier version of myself only increases with every program and measurement session. I am officially addicted.

Who would have thought, that at 53, I would be able to deadlift 100 kilos, squat 70kg and bench press 40. The learning curve has been amazing and I feel strong and in control of my outcomes.  The human body is amazing and responds so well to correct training and nutrition. Age is not a factor nor an excuse. I truly believe that the effort I put in during this stage of life, with all of its challenges, will determine how well I will be able to live in my 80’s and 90’s.  With any luck, still attending Shredded!!