Gina’s Background: 40+ WA State Athletic Titles from Track and Cross Country spanning 30 years
Prior to commencing at Shredded Exercise Institute, Gina had 2 x arthroscopic surgeries on her knees and had recently dislocated her patella when running causing a fracture and major bone oedema.
Commencing at Shredded 12 weeks ago, Gina was very apprehensive when attempting any weight bearing activities, avoiding them due to prior rehabilitation not being effective. She had muscle wastage and major muscular imbalances.
Vihang’s attention to every gym exercise technique during each session has been crucial in eliminating muscle compensation that Gina was very good at disguising after a long athletic career. Retraining how she would think and complete each muscle movement has enabled her to gain not only overall strength but improve balance, trunk flexibility and confidence when weigh bearing.
Vihang has progressed Gina’s gym training sessions over 12 weeks with a focus on incorporating and recruiting major muscle groups more readily when training for her chosen endurance sports, minimising muscular fatigue and preventing future injuries.
Her aim is to return to her athletic pursuits in 2017 whilst consistently maintaining her muscle strength and balances via Vihang’s dedicated training sessions.