Emma Brown


Emma Brown Long“When I first started at Shredded Strength Institute I was a complete novice..I had never really trained so I didn’t realize the enormous potential I had. I didn’t realize I was about to fall in love and change my life forever. When Shredded say that it’s a lifestyle change’ it really is…I have learned how to train, how to eat for life, how to really achieve.. I have since gained kilos of lean mass and shed body fat, I train almost every day, I play sport – I’m a totally different person. Under the guidance of my coach Kelly I even got up on stage in the INBA and won my division!

I have now been with the SSI for over two years training exclusively with Kelly. Every month I have an exciting new program to learn so I have never been bored, I am always motivated and challenged . Kelly constantly updates her skills and education to provide the BEST possible care for myself and her clients. She also trains me according to my goals which means no matter what stage I’m at in life she has my best interests at heart. She is, in my opinion the BEST coach I could of wished for and I consider myself very lucky to have her.

Shredded also invests in the newest most up to date equipment for its members so we are always able to train using state of the art machines unavailable in other facilities.

I have always found the environment to be positive and motivational, in fact leaving there you will notice you feel amazing.


The knowledge and support of these motivated professionals is unparalleled.

I would like to give the Kelly & the team at Shredded Strength Institute my full recommendation. If you’re looking for the absolute best- you have found it.”

– Emma Brown