Dre Davids


DrekitchenI lifted my first weight almost 24 years ago… I got the bug and pursued it with passion. I studied a Bachelor of Science – Human Movement, owned and operated my own gym and helped thousands of people improve their health, fitness and physiques all at the same time taking my physique from 55kg weakling to world class fitness model.

Just over a year ago I decided that for the first time in my life I would find a trainer/s to help me break through my plateaus.

I made the decision to partner with the great team at Shredded Strength Institute.

I initially thought the major benefit would be a greater level of accountability and some minor tweaks… the reality however was far more drastic – it has resulted in my greatest gains in lean muscle, strength and reduced body fat in years!

The knowledge of the team at Shredded from the Director, Kelly right down to the hand-picked team of trainers is world class and WILL help you to achieve your best body, highest performance and healthiest you!