Deb Millard


I started training with Marty in 2007 after a prolonged absence from serious exercise. I had always kept myself reasonably fit and had been a moderate competitor until a major injury and subsequent reconstructive shoulder surgery stopped all that. It had been about 3 years post surgery when I was recommended to Marty. My motivation was primarily to build strength in my shoulder to overcome residual aches and pains, but more importantly to try and regain fitness and maintain a commitment to regular exercise without recurring setbacks. In those 3 years it just seemed I had never fully rehabilitated; every time I tried to get back into exercise, I would injure something else. Probably because I overdid it and didn’t transition back into exercise progressively.

That’s where Marty came in, and I think I said to him something like “Your job is to make sure I don’t overdo it and hurt myself!” Now he hurts me all the time!

I think that where Marty is different from the majority of trainers is that his extensive knowledge and experience enables him to work safely and effectively with injured clients; achieving both rehabilitation results at the same time as improving overall strength and fitness. When people say they can’t train because they are injured; that’s only because they don’t have the right trainer!

I achieved my original objectives with Marty reasonably quickly and over the years we have worked together on specific things- be it preparation for skiing or trekking to Everest Base Camp. And Marty is very good at tailoring your training to your specific objectives and to your potential. He doesn’t let you off lightly. And the reasons I still train with Marty are that I enjoy it and it’s never the same twice. He keeps it interesting and ensures that I continue to be challenged and hence continue to improve my fitness.

For me one of the huge benefits I have realized is my improvement in functional strength over the past couple of years. On returning to activities like windsurfing, skiing and cycling have been amazed at how my strength in the gym translates to strength and endurance in the field.

And of course it’s nice when you meet windsurfing friends on the beach in your bathers that you haven’t seen for a while and they say “Wow, how fit do you look…and you even have some abs!” That’s a good feeling.

Thanks Marty