deb deadliftI originally heard about Shredded from my friend Sheila who was given some PT sessions with Kelly for her birthday. The difference in Sheila was noticeable so quickly (I thought Sheila looked awesome to start with though) and when she told me she was training with Kelly from Shredded I wanted to train with her too. I was doing 10 to 15 Group Fitness classes per week and although I was fit, I had trouble maintaining/losing weight and my body shape remained the same, I wasn’t happy with it. So I spoke with Kell and made an appointment to train with her for 8 weeks and here I am several years later and she is still my trainer and I have never looked back.

With her wealth of knowledge she provides me with specialized programs that take into account my limitations and at the same time she pushes me to reach goals I never thought I could reach. I have gone from around 30% body fat to as low as 14% and I have lifted weights I never dreamed I would be able to lift. She has monitored (and educated me about ) my diet and has provided me with so much information that I have completely changed my eating habits and at 54 I fell fitter, healthier and stronger than I did 20 years ago.

I love the Shredded Sunday Strongman class, it’s the best class you will find anywhere. The people I train with are awesome, like-minded, committed and great fun. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and the equipment is state of the art.

I cannot thank you enough Kell, you have been very good to me and I can’t imagine ever not being able to train with you at SSI. 


deb roclimbing