IMG_6777Many years of bad diet, little or no exercise and a poor work/ lifestyle balance had resulted in me being over weight, unhealthy and generally lethargic. To complicate matters I was suffering from lower back pain and shoulder issues from many years of playing rugby union.

A visit to my GP confirmed dangerously high cholesterol reading – I realized I needed a change. I visited Kelly, Marty and the team at SSI in Floreat for a one-on-one consultation.

Since then I am please to say that I haven’t looked back. Thanks to Kelly’s tailored nutrition plan and training program, my body fat levels that were previously approaching obese have dramatically reduced and a recent blood test confirmed my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are prefect. I have never felt fitter, stronger or more energetic.

I strongly encourage anybody who is looking to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle, in a positive, friendly and supportive environment to invest in yourself at SSI. You will not regret it!