12 Tips to Help You Feel Like a Superhero.


Want to start feeling better today? Try some of our simple tips and you’ll be feeling happier, healthier and more energetic in no time!

  1. Be Mindful and Conscious

    Ever arrived at work and wondered exactly how you got there? Quite often we don’t give what we do REAL thought. Make sure you take the time to enjoy the scenery and pay attention to the LITTLE things in life that can make a BIG difference. The same goes for eating. Most of the time when people overeat they are unconsciously doing it. Try to take time to discover the relationship between what you eat and how you really feel.

  2. Eat More Like a Caveman.

    Try your best to eliminate processed and packaged food from your diet and replace it with vegetables, meat, fish and a little bit of fruit. Think of your food choices like this: “If you can’t spear it, or gather it from a bush or a tree, don’t eat it!” Every meal should include Protein, Vegetables and an energy source of either Carbs or good quality Fats, preferably from Omega 3’s.

  3. Drink Lots of Pure Water.

    Our bodies are composed mostly of water with the brain being over 80% water. Thirst is a poor indicator of how much water your body really needs and by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Aim for about 39ml water per kilo of bodyweight.

  4. Eat More Protein From Varied Sources.

    The word protein comes from the Greek word Proteios meaning “holding first place.” Starting your day with protein also helps to build up your immune system and improves your body’s ability to detoxify.

  5. Say NO to Stress.

    Unhealthy Stress can come from 3 main forms:

    • External stress –such as work , unhealthy relationships
    • Internal stress – inflammation or food intolerance’s
    • Starvation stress – not enough of the right nutrients or minerals

    All of these can raise our cortisol levels, damage our adrenals and cause our body to store body fat as a survival response. Managing the above stresses and therefore our cortisol levels is crucial to our long-term health. It’s really important to know that prolonged stress can make you fat and sick! Stress hormones can lead to overeating and cravings as well as emotional toxicity. Stress also weakens the immune system and robs the body of important nutrients. It hinders your digestive system and ages the body and brain.

  6. Get Enough Sleep.

    Getting good sleep improves your memory, helps you to burn fat faster, positively affects your mood, keeps your heart healthy and helps you to maintain healthy immune function. Aim for at least 8 hours per night and make sure the room is as dark as possible without any electrical interference. Magnesium is a great mineral that improves sleep quality. We recommend the Trilogy GabaMag before bed as it greatly improves the quality of our client’s sleep.

  7. Practice Gratitude.

    Be grateful. Having an attitude of gratitude takes practice; often we take too much for granted. We recommend keeping a grateful log and filling it out every night before bed. This is very calming for the mind and helps you to look at the World in a more positive light. Practicing Gratitude WILL enhance your well being.

  8. Train your Weaknesses.

    When you go to the gym, often people train only what they are good at. We also find many trainers pride themselves on writing “balanced programs” but a balanced program is actually not a good program once you take your imbalances into account. Find a great strength coach who will assess your movement patterns and help you strengthen your weaknesses. Your program should not only help you look great naked but also improve your posture. Poor posture and incorrect movement patterns may cause pain, discomfort and contribute to health problems. Your Coach should help you strengthen what is weak and teach you how to stretch and mobilize what is tight.

  9. Detoxify.

    Everyday we are exposed to poisons, toxins and chemicals from the environment that is harmful to our body. We breathe them, eat them, drink them, and absorb them! Our body’s detoxification processes are actually quite complex but there are some simple ways we can help our body detoxify.

    Some of these are:

    • Eating properly. More protein and lots of greens are vital for detoxification.
    • Drinking lots of pure water, preferably not of plastic bottles!
    • Smart lifestyle choices. Every action you take increases or lowers our daily toxic load!
    • Don’t put anything on your body you wouldn’t want in your body. Would you eat your make up? Check your make up and creams to ensure they don’t contain any parabens, phthalates or other harmful chemicals, all of which disrupt your hormonal system.
    • Nutritional / supplemental support. Certain supplements can help ramp detoxification.
    • Use a Far Infra red Detoxification Sauna.
  10. Lift Weights!

    When you lift; you get stronger bones, stronger muscles, healthier hormones and you burn more fat even when you are sleeping!

  11. Smile more.

    Asking you to “Say Cheese” more may be cheesy but smiling improves your mood and it is contagious. So share a smile, it can go a mile!