Our Mission

Our Mission

Kelly and Marty are fitness professionals who’ve earned international reputations as two of the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches.

Their gym has been recognised as Australia’s best private training facility by world-renowned Strength Coach, Charles Poliquin.

Their mission, along with their team of highly trained, dedicated coaches, is to make your goals achievable by sharing knowledge to help you transform your life. Not just your fitness.

Make Goals Achievable and Deliver Long-Lasting Results

Kelly and Marty have been providing superior, quality, health and performance instruction in Australia for over two decades. So, it’s not surprising they have a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve long-lasting results.

As Kelly says,

‘Put your trust in the knowledge and experience our Shredded team offers, and you will get the results you seek.

We look at your current level of health and fitness, and your goals before we create your personalised program. All you have to do is follow it – we’re here to support and encourage you every step of the way.’

Strong Values Behind the Star

We’ve been asked if our Shredded logo represents a throwing star or Shuriken. The reality goes much deeper.

Our logo combines three Korus and three fish hooks. It’s a nod to Marty’s New Zealand heritage and his connection with his country’s culture.

The Koru – symbolised by the fern as it unravels – represents transformation, growth and development. These are principles we embrace both for our business and the path our clients follow at Shredded Health & Performance.

Fish Hooks – a fish hook represents strength, good luck and safe travels – sentiments we incorporate into everything we do.

The Number Three – is represented in many ways throughout our approach at Shredded.

Knowledge –Discipline – Transformation

This is the mantra we live by. We provide the knowledge, clients display the discipline, and together we achieve the transformation.

Directors, Staff and Clients

We know for a fact that this trio is what makes Shredded (not the amazing space or the best equipment). With our incredible staff, we’ve deliberately cultivated a unique gym culture where you can feel welcome and at ease. Our coaches are trained, knowledgeable and passionate about giving every client the ultimate gym-going experience.

Training – Nutrition – Lifestyle

Combine these three and you will get you where you want to be. We empower our coaches and clients with the knowledge required to optimise each one so you can live life a full and healthy life.


The Superhero Within

As with everything at the heart of Shredded, Marty and Kelly collaborated to create the logo. Kelly believes we all have a superhero inside us. She created the chrome effect on our logo using the reflection off the Silver Surfer.

‘When you train with us at Shredded, part of our job is to help you find that superhero. Once you do, you’ll be unstoppable.’ Marty & Kelly

If want to train with Perth’s best, most experienced strength and conditioning coaches – we can help. Contact us to find out how.

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Training That’s Not Just Personal – It’s Personalised

We’re a world-class training facility with Perth’s best trainers and gym equipment. But our attitude, approach and philosophy also sets us apart from other gyms.

Come along and check out the Shredded difference for yourself. You’ll discover:

  • A welcoming environment for everyone – you’ll feel comfortable here, wherever you’re at on your health and fitness journey
  • Tailored programs that focus less on forcing your body to deliver results and more on a holistic health approach that delivers benefits beyond fitness
  • Top of the range equipment that’s designed to deliver exceptional results, so you’ll feel motivated by your progress
  • A focus on your body’s structural balance and health, which means we begin with personalised programming that’s unique to you
  • A culture of education – we share our knowledge, so you understand how to lay the foundation for harder, more advanced programming in the future
  • A holistic approach combining intelligent and progressive training with nutritional and supplemental support that will optimise your chances of achieving your goals
  • Sustainable nutrition advice that helps you develop excellent, healthy eating habits to support your training and your lifestyle

And while we believe some classes are great for fitness, at Shredded we’ve bucked the trend for pushing people into one-size-fits-all group classes.

After years of health and performance study and practical application, we know the best results are achieved when your program is both personal and personalised. This is precisely what you can expect as part of your ultimate gym experience at Shredded Health & Performance. Does this sound like the gym you’ve been looking for?

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