The Shredded Health & Performance Story

Perth’s Leading Fitness Professionals – Kelly Martinovich and Marty Williams

The Shredded Health & Performance story began in 2006 with Marty arriving at the gym Kelly managed, wearing full martial arts get-up. In fairness, he did have an interview for a body combat instructor role.

‘I was hoping to get the job so I could train at the gym, which was far better equipped than the one I was managing. Little did I know, I was auditioning in front of a world-famous ex-Aerobics Oz Style instructor.

She was also the most impassioned, dedicated person I’d ever met in the Australian gym industry. She still is.’

They soon realised they had the same passion for the industry and helping people and that’s where the Shredded journey began to unfold…

New Teachings, Better Standards

While working together, Marty and Kelly attended a fitness convention where they discovered how much their thinking about training and nutrition was aligned.

Sitting on the steps of the Sydney Convention Centre after an inspiring seminar about renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin, their partnership took off.

Kelly had the business name ready to go – so together, they launched Shredded and began educating coaches across the WA fitness industry.

At the time, fitness teachings in Perth were not up to scratch. Marty and Kelly believed an essential first step towards improving standards was to get Charles Poliquin over to Perth.


A World-Class Gym In Perth

A year later Charles visited Australia, but he told Marty and Kelly he wouldn’t be back until he had a world-class facility to teach from.

Kelly looked him in the eye and said, ‘give us one year, and we will make it happen.’

A lot of hard work and many sleepless nights later, Shredded Strength Institute opened its doors. It was the first private facility of its kind, not only in Perth but the whole of Australia.

True to his word, one month later Charles travelled from America to teach out of The Shredded Strength Institute.

For Marty and Kelly, this was the beginning of a culture at Shredded that would make long-term health and performance an achievable goal for anyone.

In 2018 we changed our name to Shredded Health & Performance to give people a better understanding of what we are truly about. Improving your heath and performance, no matter what your goal, is our ultimate goal.

Are you ready to be fitter, healthier and more energised? Find out how we can tailor training to suit your goals and your lifestyle.

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