JohnWhen my youngest son was born, Fourteen and a half years ago, I felt like a very old man. After a lifetime of high pressure jobs, bad diet and heavy smoking, I was severely overweight and I could hardly breathe. I had high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and was a borderline diabetic.  I knew unless I changed I would not live long enough to see my baby boy grow up. I quit smoking and joined the local Gym. After three months I was making zero progress on my own. One day while struggling through my routine I was given a hand from a young man who introduced himself as Marty Williams. I knew that he was the senior trainer and was very much in demand as a coach. I soon realised why. I learned more about diet and exercise in the ten minutes I spent with Marty than I had in all my time at the gym. Seizing the moment I asked if Marty if he could train me. To tell you the truth I still think he accepted because he loves a challenge.  Instinctively I sensed this was going to be a turning point in my life, little did I know just how significant it would be.

As motivator and educator Marty is second to none. He individualised my program to suit me.  Within weeks I could breathe, my blood pressure dropped and all my ‘old man’ symptoms disappeared. Within the year I had dropped 22kg in fat and significantly increased muscle mass. I used to do push-ups with my son sitting on my back. For the first time in my life I was fit and healthy and felt unstoppable. Fast forward a year, I continued my training, kept the weight off and my fitness level remained high. Out of nowhere I suffered a bout of illness. I was diagnosed with the rare and incurable muscle degenerating autoimmune disease, Dermatomyositis. I listened to the statistics. I contemplated a future where I would be in a wheelchair in a couple of years, not strong enough to feed myself. I was devastated. A very loose translation of Marty’s reaction was ‘no way’. He researched my illness and designed a plan that would counteract the damaging effects and away we went. That was twelve years ago.

I continue to defy the odds. I have never come close to a wheel chair and have passed all of my muscle strength tests. Marty continues to work with me through every set back, through the multitude of medication, motivating me, redesigning programs, never letting me give up. Not because he has to, not for the money but because he is 100% committed to helping everyone to be the best they can be. In all our time together I have seen Marty’s expertise develop exponentially. Marty along with the equally talented Kelly and the highly trained team at Shredded offer everyone the opportunity of that individual training experience, nutritional advice and much more. Be the best you can be, you never know the significance of what that might mean.

John McFee