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Level One B Coach

My goal as a trainer is to place you under conditions that are challenging enough to allow you to grow both physically & mentally while opening your eyes to a whole new level of your own capabilities.

I will always listen to everything you have to say, but will remain very firm in making decisions that i feel are both realistic yet effective for you to reach your goals.

Having always been a ‘hard gainer’ myself i understand exactly how it feels to be the ‘small guy’ and having spent years accumulating a lot of knowledge in this field, i am now in a position where i specialise in programs for those looking to build muscle.

I believe that with an educated approach & a consistent work ethic, the possibilities are truly endless for how far you can improve on the way you look, feel & perform.

Favourite Quote: “You must be willing to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become”


Certificate III and IV in Fitness
Master Trainer Certified
First Aid & CPR