Ellis Caveill

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Level Two B Coach

My aim is to teach, not tell, encourage and educate those who want to create a healthier lifestyle. There is a better YOU inside everyone, the tools to release that person are already there. You just need to learn how to access them. Your goal is to succeed and it’s my job to ensure you reach that goal. I’ve always believed if you put in the work the results will follow. I don’t do things half heartedly because I know if I do I can except only half hearted results.

Creating a balance is essential. Allow your body to adapt to new situations and embrace the changes that will follow. Exercise is a sport in which you’re competing against yourself. The principle behind competing is SELF IMPROVEMENT; it’s about being better than you were the day before. You are a direct product of the decisions you make. Your results will emulate your efforts.

Let me help create a better you!


Bachelor of Science (Exercise & Sport Science)
Currently studying Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Fitness Australia Registered
Senior First Aid & CPR