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Level Three A Coach

Chris comes from a rugby background having played First grade & representative Rugby in New Zealand. Chris was also selected to attend the International Rugby Academy in 2008. Since retiring from rugby he has focused his attention to becoming a highly successful coach in the health & fitness industry.  Chris has a passion in natural bodybuilding having competed himself in Men’s Physique in 2016.

I am driven to ensure all of my clients are held accountable for their actions and receive the most up to date methods that work for the individual. I can’t motivate you for long term success, but I can give you a game plan & help you find the “why” behind what drives you to reach those big goals.  A plan without action is just a dream! As your coach I guide you to take action!, as my father use to tell me, “Tomorrow never comes”.

Favourite Quote: “You can have results or excuses, not both” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science, Degree (UCOL, NZ, 2012).
Advanced programming 3 day seminar with Charles Poliquin
Christian Maurice Transformation 3 Day Seminar
The science of body recomposition 2 Day Seminar, Menno Henselmans
Clean Health: inutrition pro Certification
Australian Strength Coach (Sebastian Oreb) Strength Seminar
Luke McNally Advanced Hypertrophy & Fatloss seminar
Dry needling (Acupuncture) Certified
Clean Health & Lauren Simpson: Training the female fitness competitor Seminar
First Aid