NEW 6-Week Kickstart Challenge!

Have you let things slip over the Christmas period or even through out 2019 and are looking to get back on track?

There are generally two ways you can go about getting the results you are after. For most it is about finding out where you are at and building good habits to get you where you need to be.

For some though, you have a fire in the belly and just want to go all out. You want to crush it. While we use both approaches at Shredded, this 6 week Kickstart is for those of you who want to Crush It!!

Kick Your Own Goals

So, if have at least 12 months gym experience, have a good idea of what you are doing but need that plan to ensure you rock 2020 and dominate in all aspects of life, this is the health and performance challenge for you!

As you do one thing, you do everything and our 6 Week kickstart Challenge will get you kicking goals in all aspects of life!!

It is about discipline, dedication and determination. The results though will be outstanding and make it all worth it.

We are looking for 10 males and 10 females to take part in our 6 Week Kickstart Challenge.

The #Teamshredded difference

As soon as you commit to our Kickstart Challenge, you join #teamshredded.

Start Today

The Six Week Challenge will include:

  • Semi Private Personal Training
  • Goal Orientated Classes
  • Periodized Training programs
  • Personalised Nutritional Plan
  • 6 Week Training Planner
  • Skinfolds at Start and Finish
  • Different packages to suit
  • FB Forum and Support Page

At Shredded We Are Here To Help

We will do the nutritional plans and training programs for you and guarantee the results. All you have to do is bring the right mindset!

This is a 12 Week Transformation designed to help motivate and kick-start you to achieving the results you want!

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