HYPER LEAN 2.0 (SR9011)


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Increase your endurance – Reduce body fat


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“Exercise in a Bottle”. Whether you’re already a professional athlete, or just starting out, Hyper Lean 2.0 is an excellent solution for anyone looking to

  • Increase your endurance
  • Achieve high-intensity fitness levels
  • Reduce body fat
  • Maximize reults for more than 48 hours after your workout is finished!

Increase your metabolism and burn fat with Secret Sarms Hyper Lean 2.0 (SR9011). Let your body respond to its potency.

Secret Sarms Hyper Lean 2.0 (SR9011) is often called ‘exercise in a bottle’ as it has the effect of making the body respond as though it’s in a state of constant exercise by increasing the basal metabolic rate.

Even with no exercise being conducted while using Hyper Lean 2.0 SR9011, the metabolism continues to stay high without affecting the central nervous system unlike most fat burners on the market.

Hyper lean (SR9011) binds to proteins and creates an increase in the mitochondria (energy producers) in skeletal muscle resulting in a higher metabolism. It also has the added benefit of eliminating damaged mitochondria and replacing them with new ones.

SR9011 also influences lipid (fat) and glucose metabolism in the liver, resulting in more glucose being taken up into skeletal muscle instead of being stored as fat. Excess calories are also metabolised more efficiently leading to less body fat storage and the reduction of already present body fat.

Due to an increased metabolism while on Secret Sarms SR9011 one will experience enhanced endurance allowing for longer and harder training sessions, which also contributes to better muscle mass and lower fat levels. This is an excellent compound for any athlete looking to increase their endurance, high-intensity fitness levels or reduce body fat or a combination of these benefits.



A dose of 1ml per day is recommended
Each bottle has 30ml with an average dose being 1ml. Each bottle contains 30+ days of use. Cycle Length: 8 – 12 Weeks.

How: Squirt the liquid SARMS dosage into your mouth and chase it down with some water.

When: Take 1ml of Hyper Lean and split as evenly as possible over the day (0.33 upon waking, 0.33 midday, 0.33 evening. You can also dose 0.5ml in the morning and 0.5ml early afternoon.

SR9011: Ethyl 3-[[(4-chlorophenyl)methyl-[(5-nitrothiophen-2-yl)methyl]amino]methyl]pyrrolidine-1-carboxylate, propylene glycol

Keep out of direct sunlight. A cool, dark area is sufficient for storage of Secret Sarms products.

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