GH PEP 2.0 – (MK-677)


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Get Bigger Without The Ugly Side Effects

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Get Bigger Without The Ugly Side Effects.

  • Tap directly into your growth hormone.
  • Get cleaner mass gains.
  • No cortisol increase or know side effects associated to peptides.
  • Increases in plasma levels of GH and insulin-like-growth-factor 1 (IGF-1) for up to 24 hours.

Secret Sarms GH Pep (MK-677) is a growth hormone peptide with no side effects.

Secret Sarms GH Pep (MK-677) is an orally administrated growth hormone secretagogue.

A secretagogue is a term for a substance that naturally signals the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone. In other words, Secret Sarms GH Pep could be compared to peptides like IGF-1 Lr3 or MGF (peptides), only it doesn’t require any injections nor does it have any side effects like peptides such as cortisol increase.

It has been demonstrated to increase the release of, and produces sustained increases in plasma levels of several hormones including GH and insulin-like-growth-factor 1 (IGF-1) for up to 24 hours.


GH Pep (MK-677) should be dosed at 1ml, taken orally, once a day in the morning. GH Pep (MK-677) should be cycled for 8-12 weeks, with 12 weeks being ideal. Each bottle has 30ml with an average dose been around 1ml (1 full dropper squirt). Each bottle will last around 30 days.

How: Squirt the liquid SARMS dosage into your mouth on the back of your tongue and chase it down with some water, juice or protein shake.

When: Take 1ml of GH Pep (MK-677) in the morning.

GH Pep: (R)-1’-(2-methylalanyl-O-benzyl-D-seryl)-1-(methylsulfonyl)-1,2-dihydrospiro[indole- 3,4’-piperidine], propylene glycol.

Keep out of direct sunlight. A cool, dark area is sufficient for storage of Secret Sarms products.

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