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In the era of the over stimulating pre-workouts , ATP as decided to conceive its own exclusive pre-workout formula without any stimulant .The combination of agmatine , Citrulline malate and beta-alanine will increase immediately your workout capacity , increase your recuperation time and increase vasodilatation for better oxygen and nutrient delivery to your needing muscle for a rigorous workout. We have also chosen to add a specific combination of antioxidant .The combination used in e-NOS will help reduce certain markers of oxidative stress related to mitochondrial and insulin sensitivity but will not affect the adaptive response of the human body after a substantial workout .Studies suggest that supplementation with CoQ10 ( ubiquinone)4 could increase workout capacity and alpha lipoic acid is already has a solid reputation as a potent insulin sensitizer .Since the health of our clients is a major concern for us , our formulation will help you progress faster in the gym and increase your physical capacity without damaging your health.

Agmatine is probably one of the most impressive new ingredients on the market .The recent developments in the health and fitness community as discovered many interesting properties to Agmatine. Being a product of the degradation of Arginine , agmatine will have the vasodilatating effect of it but contrary to arginine , its effect will be concentrated on the muscular level ( Enos ) and not on the systemic level ( iNOS). Even more fascinating , agmatine also has the capacity to increase serotonin level , alleviate pain caused by inflammation and increase insulin sensitivity .

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that will increase carnosine levels . Carnosine has the capacity in to reduce muscular pH , by doing so it increase anareobic and aerobic workout capacity. Beta-alanine will also increase vasodilatation.

Citrulline Malate
The ingredient that confers all those interesting cardiovascular properties to the Watermelon is Citrulline . The combination of Citrulline , an amino acid that recycles arginine and malic acid , that will increase metabolic waste produced in the muscle during workout like ammoniac , make a pretty intense combined to increase performance on the aerobic level as well as anaerobic level , increase vasodilatation and oxygen transport to the muscle and also increase the creation of ATP , an important source of energy.

Coenzyme Q10
CoQ10 in necessary to cellular energy production. All physiological process  requiring energy production will need CoQ10 to work adequately.Regular consumption of CoQ10 will protect the cells , helps maintain and increase cardiovascular health  and reduce damage caused by free radicals.A large number of medications could reduce the production of CoQ10 by the system.

Alpha Lipoic Acid ( ALA )
ALA is a universal antioxidant , being water soluble and fat soluble it can be present all over the body . ALA can also recycle other antioxidants , like vitamin E , vitamin C and glutathione, a process that will increase their lifespan and efficiency . Alpha Lipoic acid can also trap toxic heavy metals , like arsenic , cadmium and mercury . One of its most notable property is the increase of insulin sensitivity.

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