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Screen-Shot-2012-12-19-at-6.10.29-PMCascara Sagrada

Cascara sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana) is the bark of a tree rich in hormone-like oils that promote peristalsis in the colon. It is one of the most effective herbal remedies for chronic constipation (and is not habit-forming, according to some herbalists). Its laxative effect (softening stools and allowing pain-free excretion) kicks in within 6 to 8 hours. Cascara sagrada increases secretions in the stomach, liver, and pancreas, and acts as an outstanding stimulant for a lethargic, constipated colon.

Cascara sagrada is very useful in treating hemorrhoids caused by poor intestinal transit. It helps to evacuate stools without pain and, after several days’ use, its tonic effect continues to ensure a natural, regular transit. It cleans the colon and helps to firm up its tone. Cascara sagrada is often recommended as an integral part of a purification and detoxification program, and—at small doses—it can act as an effective hepatic tonic.

Alder Buckthorn root

Alder Buckthorn root produces a laxative effect by activating the secretion of intestinal mucus, increasing stool hydration, and stimulating intestinal peristalsis. Boosts gall bladder action (cholagogue).

Licorice root

Licorice is recognized for its protective effects on the liver. It contains two antiviral substances—glycyrrhizin and its derivative, glycyrrhizic acid—which blocks the multiplication of the viruses responsible for hepatitis A and C.

Traditionally, licorice is used to treat digestive problems, most often in combination with other plants. It has proven more efficient than placebos in relieving heartburn and stomach pain.

Rhubarb root

A study of patients suffering from atherosclerosis (and who are, therefore, at a high risk for cardiovascular disease) showed that regular rhubarb consumption decreases total cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Another study concluded that daily consumption of rhubarb may contribute to decreasing total cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol (LDL) without affecting the concentration of “good” cholesterol (HDL). These studies involved men with high levels of blood cholesterol. The observed effect could be due in part to the soluble fibers in rhubarb.

Ginger root

Ginger root is recognized for its ability to relieve those suffering from motion sickness. Chinese women traditionally used it to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy. Protective effect on gastric mucosa. Fights bile deficiency and pancreatic insufficiency. Lowers cholesterol, blood triglyceride levels, fatty acids, and phospholipids.

Cayenne fruit

Helps to prevent dyspepsia by increasing bile and pancreatic juices.

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