Perth’s Best Coaches Delivering Perth’s Best Results

‘You can have anything you want in life, as long as you help enough people achieve what they want’. – Zig Ziglar

At Shredded, we take care of our coaches so they can take care of you. Our team is on hand to support you while you train and help you as you progress towards your goals.

At Shredded, Kelly and Marty personally deliver the most comprehensive mentoring program of any training facility in Australia. Whenever you visit Shredded, you can rest assured our coaches are equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to deliver consistent, effective advice and assistance.

Kelly Martinovich

Owner / Director

Marty Williams


Shane Castlemain

Operations Manager

Tamara Mellowship

Customer Care Manager

Jackson Litchfield

Coach - Level 5

Chris Creek

Coach - Level 5

Vihang Iskande

Coach - Level 4A

Liam Bourke

Coach - Level 3B

Shane Perkins

Coach - Level 3B

Kristine Perkins

Coach - Level 2B

Mitch Py

Coach - Level 2A

Raymond Espinos

Coach - Level 1B

Stefan Ostojic

Coach - Level 1B

Vlad Naumovski

Coach - Level 1B

Kelly Davies

Coach - Level 1A

Bow Stein

Coach - Level 1A

Nick Fitzsimmons


Nadia Nesevski


Ebony Doran