Low Cable Split Squat FF Elevated

Some things to remember
  • Travel down and forward like an escalator, not up and down like an elevator.
  • Keep the front heel down at all times. If your stride is too short or you need improved ankle mobility, your front heel will lift.


  • Aim for full contact of the calf to the hamstring on the front leg on the way down. Yes, aim for a full range of motion and go ALL THE WAY DOWN until the back of your thigh makes contact with your calves. I don’t want to see any daylight peeking through at the bottom range. Contrary to popular belief, knees over toes and full range motion is the best cure for tendonitis, decreases risk of injury and ensures maximal muscle development.


  • When using the cable, it is held in the opposite arm to the working leg. Keep your body as upright as possible throughout the entire exercise.
  • Your back heel should remain elevated at all times, try not to rock back on to the heel when you shift back to the start position