Sarah HI have trained with Kelly now for 8 years.
Despite having had to move to Sydney, Norway, and the UK for periods of time, Kelly has provided advice to me through online programs and emails. The weekly sessions I had in Perth with her were often a lighthouse for me.
Every session I have had with Kelly in person has empowered me with knowledge and drive.

She has helped shape my perception on health and fitness, and also taught me life skills. These views have now flowed onto my family.

Kelly accommodates the programs according to my lifestyle, the gyms I can go  (or lack of) and work schedule at the time.  I can always count on the programs being able to fit ‘busy periods’.

There is never a program which does not challenge me.

Kelly’s knowledge, passion and energy is palpable. She wants the best for her clients and invests 100% in them regardless of who they are, or their limitations.

She initiates change, and those clients willing to apply it, are guaranteed to see results.