Reza Khan


“I am a man in his 40’s who has been training for quite some years; most of those with bad training techniques leading to problems with posture and thoracic area. No doubt, a man in his 40’s is not going to have the same body as someone in their 20’s and even 30’s; however, I was determined to get to the best I could possibly be.

I had seen both Kelly and Marty train other clients, and obviously compared them to other trainers in the gym. What impressed me was their level of focus and their methodology; something that appeared to be lacking in the other trainers. I engaged Marty to take me through a weight training regimen to better my overall shape, form and posture, and Kelly to work on my core strength and abdominal muscles to further enhance the core strength, and of course, to get me back into jeans that were below a 32. I was, at that time, a 34 inch waist.

I trained with them for well over a year, and the results have spoken for themselves. My posture has improved tenfold, my back problems have been completely eliminated and aesthetically, I think I can match most of the twenty-something year-olds at the gym, which in turn, has boosted my overall confidence.

They have taught me that it is not necessarily about the size of the weights lifted, or the number of crunches endured; rather, about the technique employed to ensure that the muscles are utilised to their full potential. Clearly, heavy lifting previously only added to my injuries and didn’t get me too far aesthetically; I look better now in my 40’s than I did when I was 30 and I am not necessarlity lifting heavier weights.

I also learned through Marty and Kelly’s methodologies about proper diet and nutrition which are obviously as important as the training itself.

I am now the proud owner of a waist that is below 32 inches, I have a low bodyfat percentage for my age, and increased muscularity. Needless to say I am happy to write this testimonial for them and recommend them as trainers to anyone who has a physical goal to reach.”

– Reza Khan