Joe Addamo

I wanted to personally thank you, Kelly & the team at Shredded from the bottom of my heart for giving me the tools, knowledge and inspiration to achieve my goals and discover what is possible. It’s been an amazing journey over the last 2 years and the difference in me now compared to when I first walked in the door is astounding to say the least not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.
From struggling to tie up my shoe laces and running out of breath after climbing a set of stairs I’m the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been.. I feel amazing! There has been plenty of ups, downs and challenges but I always told myself so long as the long term graph is trending in the upward direction and if I keep persisting I’ll get there. The surprising thing I’ve noticed and been taken back by is the positive flow on effect into other areas of my life, professionally I’m more productive at work and making better decisions, personally it’s allowed me to have more meaningful and enjoyable relationships.
I’ve always believed a healthy body is a healthy mind and this just reinforces just how powerful it can be.
As you know I’m a bit old school and not on social media but have seen the outpouring of comments and likes on Facebook and I’m truly overwhelmed. I’m sure Amanda is blown away by my results too, I’m catching up with her today to say thanks for referring me 2 years ago & who knows where I would have been if she didn’t.
I really hope my story, the before and after pics can inspire others to achieve their goals and live a better life. One of my challenges now is to refer a friend to see if I can directly impact someone else life and help ‘pay it forward’
It’s a credit to you, Kelly, the team at shredded for building a business that helps people achieve their goals, live a better life and create a fantastic culture to want to come and train at, truly one of a kind!
Thank you