Frank Ramos


IMG_2312Marty is an awesome strength coach that is very passionate about giving his clients the best advice and guidance regarding their training and nutrition to make them better, stronger and healthier. His knowledge is more than impressive and he keeps educating himself by taking courses by some of the world’s best and that is a great benefit for his clients.

Marty is also a great motivator, he know exactly how to make you push harder when your about to give up! I have also have the privilege to see Marty train and it is great to have a coach who shows you, not just tells you, as definitely “Walks the Talks”.

I know because I’ve been training with Marty for a over four years now. When I started  training I  was around 65kg and 16% BF and did not know much about nutrition and the importance of changing your training program regularly. I did not know even how to squat or dead lift and now they are now amongst my favourite exercises . The more results I saw each week the more driven and motivated I became!

I must say that now in my 40’s I’m stronger than I have ever been and I feel so much better since changing my nutrition .

now I’m around 70kg and stay between 9-10%BF year around.

Thank you Marty Williams  and Shredded Strength Institute for changing my life to a better stronger and healthier one.

Frank Ramos