6-Week Kickstart Program

Shredded 6 WEEK Kickstart Program

Here at Shredded we’re determined to help you hit your goals, so for the months of March through May, we’re offering an exclusive 6-week program to help you make the most of 2021!

Typically the stress of joining a new gym can be high, with joining fees and convoluted contracts it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve removed the initial stress by opening our program up with no joining fee and only a 6-week commitment!

The Shredded Difference

Have you ever been super excited about doing an amazing training session only to walk into the gym and not been able to  get on anything or access any equipment? Frustrating right?

Well, rest assured this will never happen at Shredded because we have more equipment, space and less members than any other gym in Perth. Combine this with a culture of working in with each other, exceptional trainers that are there to help and owners who are invested in you and your training experience – your workouts and results will go to all new levels you never thought possible. That is the Shredded Difference.


What's included in our value packed Shredded 6- Week Kickstart Program ?

Benefits include:
  • INCLUDED Access to All Classes
  • INCLUDED Semi-Private Personal Training included during Red Shirt Hours
  • INCLUDED 1X Free PT Session
  • FREE Three Periodized Training programs
  • Pick your Programs based on your goals. Be it, fat loss, increase muscle or build your booty
  • FREE Nutritional Guidelines
  • FREE 2X Evolt Body Scan at start and finish

All this PLUS:

  • NO Joining or Admin fee
  • NO Crowds or Inability to do your Program
  • NO Waiting for Equipment
  • NO Excuses!

All programs focus on specific goals and we have different options for guys and girls.

Pick your Programs based on your goals.

Choose from fat loss, increase muscle or build your booty.

Along with all these FREE inclusions you will get to enjoy the Shredded difference and have supervised training as part of your membership.

Don’t miss out on this incredible offer to get healthier, leaner and stronger for less. We are offering this package during the month of March, April and May! Remember the sooner you start; the sooner we can help you achieve amazing results!

Do you want better, faster results?

Ask our friendly team how our range of services can support your transformation to a stronger, healthier, happier you